Experimentation with interrelating different materials, techniques and disciplines references all my work. Images are perpetuated in series which evolve until the idea is exhausted. This entails variations of structure, colour handling, scale – a general thrusting into new perceptions of the conceptual and emotional. Sources are often routed in Africa, but also in ancient and ethnic artefacts experienced in travel.

The newest work depends on digital and photographic imagery , without neglecting the earlier processes of painting, printmaking, collage, and sculpture. The photos set out to capture the intrinsic essence of textures created by natural forces. The images are subsequently transformed into abstract shapes and details

Creating my own photographic prints excites a certain randomness and freedom to the work. Fragmentation of the prints also alters the way we look , see and know elements that are usually recognizable. Experimentation has always been at the heart of my work, and photography, as an art form, has been excitingly opening up new areas of imaginative possibilities.

My work has ultimately been a journey, literally, to many amazing destinations – a journey looking where my feet Land – a journey in my mind. A journey of wonder and imagination, providing a rich inner and outer life – as complete as it gets.



Name                          Edith Gubbay
Place of Birth          South Africa
Nationality                 British
Occupation                Artist


1978-1984    Open University – B.A. (Hons) Humanities

1986    Open University – Further credit in Art History

1987-1989    Chelsea and Fulham College – Pre-foundation in Fine Art

1989-1993    London Guildhall University – Diploma in Fine Art and Design Studies

1993    London Guildhall University – OWEN ROWLEY 1ST PRIZE – an interdisciplinary art award

1993    Works purchased by London Guildhall University

1993    Royal Academy Summer Exhibition – 2 paintings selected

1993    Painting Exhibited Llewellyn Gallery, London

1993    London Group 80th Anniversary Open Show, Barbican Centre, London

1994    Whitechapel Art Gallery – Open Studios

1995    National Print Exhibition, Mall Galleries, The Mall, London

1995    Royal Academy Summer Exhibition – 1 painting selected

1995    Ben Uri Open Exhibition awarded 1st Prize

1996    Cadogan Contemporary – 3 paintings exhibited

1996    Royal Academy Summer Exhibition – 2 paintings exhibited

1997    London Contemporary Art Fair – ‘Art 97’ Mina Renton Fine Art

1997    Young Masters 1997, The Art Gallery, Battersea Library, 3 paintings exhibited

1997    Royal Academy Summer Exhibition – 1 painting exhibited

1998    Ben Uri/WIZO Open Exhibition

1998    National Print Exhibition

1998    Royal Academy Summer Exhibition – 2 paintings exhibited

1999    Whitechapel Art Gallery – Open Studio

2000    Young Masters – Atlanta, USA

2001    Speech, Language & Hearing Centre, Fundraising exhibition of contemporary artists

2001    Nationwide Building Society

2004    Ben Uri Open

2005    Exhibition at Cork Street Gallery

2005    Studio Show opening 9th June

2006    Studio Show

2007    Studio Show

2009    17 Rooms, Shoreditch City Hall

2011    Studio Show

2013    20th Anniversary Exhibition, Westland Place Studios

2013    Sheba Event – Berlin

2015    Westland Place Open Studios